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Friends of Otay Valley Regional Park
This list of Members on www.ovrp.org are also considered Friends of the Otay Valley Regional Park. There are many types of users for this website and the various Member Types describe additional access each Member has to this website. To show a list of all Members of each type, just click on Member Type at the top of the column. The following Members of the website have access to post and receive information automatically when the website is updated. We want to thank all the Friends of the Otay Valley Regional Park for participating and sharing information through this website. Click on any member to view the information they want to share with you.
Username Member type Member Since
sohle A Friend 05/03/10
fohrmund A Friend 04/27/10
rojoshoes A Friend 05/03/10
kwestfall A Friend 05/03/10
Ben Hill A Friend 04/28/10
melencio A Friend 04/25/10
mvancio A Friend 05/10/10
Nick Martinez / Parks PM A Friend 05/10/10
LetyLares A Friend 05/14/10
pcaughey A Friend 05/14/10
vmudgal A Friend 05/17/10
Jason Jones A Friend 05/17/10
jcaughey A Friend 05/17/10
michael matalon A Friend 05/21/10
Brennan Hill A Friend 05/24/10
mariatrygg A Friend 05/26/10
Matt Widelski A Friend 05/27/10
Victor Avila A Friend 05/27/10
John Willett A Friend 05/28/10
connieg A Friend 06/04/10
michael dlr A Friend 06/17/10
alville A Friend 06/23/10
sheplauren1 A Friend 06/25/10
zsazsadepaolo A Friend 02/08/11
Friend Mike A Friend 06/29/10
cphgeotchr A Friend 07/21/10
John Carroll A Friend 07/22/10
saveovrp A Friend 07/22/10
swiftyhernandez A Friend 10/13/10
ReneMJR A Friend 01/05/11
parkuser A Friend 03/07/11
dacohen A Friend 04/03/11
Idie A Friend 04/12/11
Marcela A Friend 04/14/11
ti-pailuis A Friend 04/27/11
ajschneller A Friend 05/17/11
mld2011 A Friend 05/30/11
ljada A Friend 06/11/11
albertfulcher A Friend 06/28/11
Edward A Friend 08/16/11
conradmb A Friend 07/24/11
nickmarinovich A Friend 07/03/11
Gale Moriarity A Friend 07/06/11
Pumpkinthief A Friend 08/17/11
japina A Friend 09/04/11
iakzazueta A Friend 09/12/11
tanyae5 A Friend 10/24/11
johnblocker A Friend 11/03/11
spookym A Friend 04/12/12
comp619 A Friend 04/12/12
jaime12 A Friend 05/10/12
aharbert A Friend 05/14/12
Wallyrm250 A Friend 07/17/12
Bill Barnes A Friend 07/27/12
Tonisd2008 A Friend 03/03/13
mariam55 A Friend 05/21/13
phrogfixer A Friend 06/11/13
Author TedGammon A Friend 09/26/13
jldouglas A Friend 10/14/13
dlweihe A Friend 12/06/13
Josh A Friend 12/17/13
Hermonics A Friend 03/09/14
brobert1 A Friend 03/12/14
Alfredo Perez A Friend 03/13/14
dniss A Friend 04/11/14
LarryVR A Friend 05/28/14
Joel A Friend 07/23/14
elza3ym A Friend 08/02/14
Mongos A Friend 11/10/14
sbrillhart A Friend 11/10/14
bikerdude A Friend 01/11/15
mmlandis A Friend 04/13/15
Nick DeLorenzo A Friend 04/13/15
irenebarajas A Friend 08/03/15
jvilla84 A Friend 01/07/16
angiemco A Friend 01/21/16
jchavez A Friend 01/23/16
sewas A Friend 02/11/16
spokeswoman A Friend 03/22/16
Travispark A Friend 11/27/16
mmugure A Friend 12/28/16
Michael A Friend 01/06/17
Dowdle A Friend 04/02/17
diego2stay A Friend 08/05/17
Border View YMCA A Friend 09/01/17
Brad Hilliker Business Friend 05/17/10
jfrost Business Friend 05/26/10
DanielleMagee Business Friend 12/20/12
jvphil413 CAC Chair 06/25/10
George Hanson CAC Member 05/06/10
robertemiller CAC Member 08/17/10
nas28722 CAC Member 07/19/10
pmartinson CAC Member 01/18/11
sfkilkenny CAC Member 01/31/14
IBKImP99 CAC Member 06/22/16
Chuck-OVRP Proj.Mgr. CAC Subcommittee Chair 05/03/10
DBazzel CAC Subcommittee Chair 05/06/10
JackB... CAC Subcommittee Chair 05/25/10
mtylke CAC Subcommittee Chair 07/10/15
CrossmanBM CAC Subcommittee Chair 02/21/17
reneehilton Park Staff 05/04/10
billsaumier Park Staff 05/04/10
Larry Duke/DPM Park Staff 05/10/10
Sabrina Park Staff 05/10/10
jasonhemmens Park Staff 05/10/10
ekochert Park Staff 05/10/10
Cheryl Goddard Park Staff 05/10/10
Cheryl Wegner Park Staff 05/10/10
LBall Park Staff 05/19/10
rshifflet Park Staff 05/25/10
jhyatt@sandiego.gov Park Staff 04/20/12
yasbu Park Staff 10/03/13
JillB Park Staff 03/12/14
Ranger Matt Ranger 05/04/10
Ranger Bill Ranger 06/01/10
jbarone Ranger 07/21/10
deepkart1986 Ranger 11/17/14
Ranger Lauren Ranger 05/13/15
ranger34 Ranger 03/23/16
Ranger Mika Ranger 01/13/17
Lauren Raduc Ranger 01/08/17