Otay Valley Regional Park


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WWII Helldiver Plane Recovered In August 2010 a World War II Helldiver bomber plane was pulled out of Lower Otay Reservoir. This is where is crashed during training in 1945. frankohrmund
Helldiver Recovery Plans are set for the recovery and restoration of bomber found at the bottom of Lower Otay Reservoir frankohrmund
Helldiver Bomber Found Fishermen find sunken World War II bomber at the bottom of Lower Otay Reservoir using their fishfinder radar. frankohrmund
First to Fly on Otay Mesa John Joseph Montgomery was the first American to fly on wings of his own design. It all happen on the slopes of the OVRP frankohrmund
History of the Valley Historical Timeline and uses in the valley from SanDAG sources. frankohrmund
Mining History in the OVRP A detailed history of the mining activities in the OVRP that began in the early 1900's. frankohrmund