Otay Valley Regional Park


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    The Otay River Valley has a rich history of human occupation and resource use. Over 9000 years ago, prehistoric Native Americans were early inhabitants, taking advantage of the River Valley's abundant natural resources. In the 1800s, vast Spanish ranchos covered the area and cattle grazed on the gentle mesa surrounding the river while vineyards and farming occurred in the valley.... read more

Places to see

The Finney Interpretive Overlook provides spectacular views of the Otay Valley Regional Park. The overlook includes two small amphitheatres with interpretive shade structures, benches, tables, and landscaping.

Upcoming Events

The Otay Valley Regional Park offers a wide variety of activities including concert venues, amusement parks, and expansive trails. Click here to view a calendar of upcoming events within the park.

Latest News

Stay current with the latest news including articles, images, events, and planning updates for Otay Valley Regional Park.

Historical Information

We thank and encourage everyone with an interest in the Otay Valley Regional Park to research historical documents or events and share them with their community.

Rangers Corner
Otay Lakes County Park
Hours of Operation
9:30 a.m. - Sunset.
Local Wildlife Guide
Check out this incredible Wildlife Guide for plant and animal ecology in our area.

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City of San Diego
Hours of Operation
Dusk to Dawn every day
Parking lots will be closed 30 minutes prior to sunset each day.
Lower Otay Reservoir

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